Colleen Hammond
22 Moore Street
Moorestown, NJ 08057-1217

Artist Statement:

My art education began in high school and continues to this very day. As an art educator I have rediscovered an immediate and uninhibited instinct. Often my students are the teacher, and my goal to challenge and inspire them is handed back to me in the process. My work would fit the description of realistic, yet it is in the actual act of painting that I inevitably am taken beyond a mere description of what I see. The paint itself, color, and the glossary of artistic language are what inspire me and elicit a personal transformation in each work of art. I end up translating a spirit and mood that emanates through me from what I feel and see. Though I paint many different genres, using old family photos has been a source of inspiration for some recent work, it has provided me the opportunity to connect with family and friends and an inner voice.

Artist Bio:

Ms. Hammond graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fines Arts and received her BFA from the University of Pennsylvania. She is an art educator and currently teaches for Cheltenham Center for the Arts. She resides in Moorestown, NJ where she was born and raised and now lives with her husband Stephen.


Multi-Media Fine Art
Oil Painting
Teaching Artist