Candace Coleman
Perkins Center for the Arts Pottery Associates

Artist Statement:

Clay is the most versatile of mediums with the potential to evolve into endless forms that can be functional, whimsical, decorative, or sculptural. We use pottery to serve meals or to hang as art on walls, to hold flowers or frame a fireplace, to create lifelike forms or to articulate the abstract. Perhaps because clay is pulled from the earth itself, and offers us collaboration between the creative spirit and the natural world, I am often drawn to including imagery of plants and animals on my pieces, and enjoy exploring new ways to express the connection of nature to this art form.

Artist Bio:

Candace Coleman started her clay journey over 30 years ago and has studied under Yoshiko Schranil, James Watral, and Daphne & Gary Hatcher. Her interest in craft has led to positions serving on the boards if the Craft Guild of Dallas and the Philadelphia Contemporary Craft Show. She is currently a Pottery Associate at Perkins Center for the Arts in Moorestown.